Go Pack Go Multi Function Beanie / Face Covering

$ 21.00 USD

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All our messy bun, ponytail beanies can be used as a face mask cover (non-medical grade) for covering your face when in public during this pandemic. CDC recommends covering your nose and mouth when in public. This is a product that will serve this purpose, as well as how it was originally intended, for use as a beanie! 

Our popular solid color peek-a-boo beanies are now offered in a variety of patterns! And this is our two-toned peek-a-boo beanie with a WI plaid patch on the front.  A print on one side and a solid color on the other side. The best part of this beanie? The PS tag says "GO PACK GO" on the inside! :) Sorry Viking fans. 

These beanies like their original counterparts, can be worn as a traditional beanie, or with your ponytail or messy bun popping through the opening! The opening on the top of these beanies is not visible when worn as a traditional beanie due to the unique pattern.