Faded Camo Peek-a-Boo Multi-Function Beanie

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*With the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, the CDC has recommended covering your face when out in public. If you have one of our peek-a-boo beanies at home, this beanie can be used for this purpose. It is a 2-layer soft jersey knit that can be worn as a face mask. See attached video for demonstration.

Our popular solid color Pretty Simple beanies are now offered in a variety of patterns! A lighter weight material (2.0 ounces instead of 2.5 ounces for the solids), you will have several patterns to choose from to fit your mood and outfit! From plaids, to camouflage, polka dots, Hawaiian or a multi-color pattern, these are a fun, new accessory! 

These beanies like their original counterparts, can be worn as a traditional beanie, or with your ponytail or messy bun popping through the opening! The opening on the top of these beanies is not visible when worn as a traditional beanie due to the unique pattern. 

Don't forget It's Whats Inside messaging inside each beanie.  Unique to each beanie is it's own message so you are surprised every time!

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