Dazzling Accent Insect Brooch

$ 36.00 USD

The Dazzling Accent Insect Brooch is an adorable brooch that is fun to wear and will definitely be a conversation starter! Perfect jewelry piece to pin onto your blouse, blazer jacket, cardigan, tote, purse, scarf, or shawl. Ideal for both dressy ensembles and casual weekday outfits. Comes in 4 insect styles with Rhinestone and Pearl accents. 

  • Comes in Butterfly and 3 different Honey Bee Styles
  • Butterfly - 3"L x 1.5"H
  • Honey Bee Topaz - 2" L x 2" H
  • Honey Bee Black Pearl - 2" L x 2" H
  • Bee Rhinestone - 1.5" L x 1" H