Decluttering your Home for a Happier, Healthier You!

April 02, 2018

Decluttering your Home for a Happier, Healthier You!

5 tips to toss out old items and open up your home and mind for new opportunities

Have you ever put something away in storage only to forget what it even was you “couldn’t live with throwing away”? Every season we put away our summer or winter clothes and when we go to get them back out the following year we completely forget we had those items. Sometimes it’s fun discovering those pieces again, but having too much ‘stuff’ not only takes up space in your home but also your mind.

The act of decluttering is one that allows us to let go of the past and open up room for new things, so its no wonder that the act of decluttering your home also helps to align your mindset with the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality.

With spring in the air we wanted to share a few of our tips on how to declutter your life for not only a clean home, but a happier and healthier you- ready to welcome new opportunities as we bloom into the new season!

  • Realize why you are purchasing items that clutter your home in the first place. Is it filling a void or is it really serving a purpose in your life? Try to stop impulse purchasing and instead think about what you need, and if it will add value to your life or just take up space.
  • For every new item you purchase, toss away at least two old ones. Love that new sweater you just found? We are all about shopping and fashion but the only way to purchase something new and still declutter is to remove more items than you purchase. So donate two old sweaters and you will slowly but surely make progress to a more organized closet.

  • Go digital with what you can. Have a desk filled with old paperwork you can’t part with? Spend a day scanning important documents and toss the originals out. But remember, the same goes with your computer and digital life – the more stuff you save creates clutter and takes up your time and energy.

  • Turn sentimental saved items into books or other organized keepsakes. Old birthday cards, childhood drawings, awards and more are always extremely hard to part with (for good reason). However, how often do you really get that box of elementary school mementos out from the attic? Go through these items and think of how you can consolidate them and maybe even create something of more value. One great idea is to scan old cards or notes to create a digital copy and then make a photo book with all of the memories in one easy to find place.   We guarantee you will view them more in a consolidated coffee table book than you will in that old storage box!

  • Set up an organization system or process that works. Now that you have decluttered, put a system into place to keep your life organized. The easier it is to stay clutter free the easier you will find it is to live a more minimal lifestyle.